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    Setting up a league or tournament {READ BEFORE POSTING!!!}


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    Setting up a league or tournament {READ BEFORE POSTING!!!} Empty Setting up a league or tournament {READ BEFORE POSTING!!!}

    Post by Greene1516 on Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:26 pm

    Below are the steps required for creating a league or tournament here at Pokemopolis. Note these restrictions exist to prevent an over-crowding of events:

    - First and foremost, if you would like to create a league or tournament, you must first receive permission from a mod or admin. To do this you must PM a sample mock-up of your rules and designs with comments to a mod or admin and wait for permission. Once you get the go-ahead, post "approved by xxx" clearly at the top of your page.

    - Note that if a mod denies your request do not attempt to go behind their back to another mod as this will result in a automatic double warning.

    - The key to leagues and tournaments is creativity and variety. If your league or tournament resembles an existing event closely then likely it will not be approved. Note that if your mock-up is plain and boring it may also be denied.

    - Make sure all applications supply apt information for a mod to make a clear call. If not enough rules are supplied you may be turned down.

    - If your event takes longer than a month to get off the ground from time of posting, it may be eligible for shutting down.

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