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    Trade Corner Rules


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    Trade Corner Rules Empty Trade Corner Rules

    Post by Greene1516 on Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:38 pm

    Below are the rules for the Pokemopolis Battle Dome:

    - All standard forum rules apply here.

    - Respect the time trading shops can take to manage; please read the original post of a shop before you make an offer or pose a question.

    - Pokemopolis follows a strict no hacks rule. People found to be trading hacks will be added to the official blacklist.

    - If you seek only a small few trades please refer to he quick trade thread. Full threads are for people with trade shops or various kinds. In order to qualify for a shop you must have a grand total of at least 10 wants, and 15 haves at least. Threads may be closed at mods discretion.

    - When posting something for trade, make sure to include name, EV's, and nature (if known).

    - The trading of fan made events is forbidden.

    - Cloning threads are not allowed to avoid an open slot for scammers.

    - Scammers will be immediately banned from the site if caught.

    - Pokemon and items for Pokemon and items only here, no trying to get cash or Wii points.

    - Lotteries or any giveaways that provide people to post are forbidden as they rack up SPAM.

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