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    Interesting and successful movesets!

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    Interesting and successful movesets! Empty Interesting and successful movesets!

    Post by Ecunami on Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:00 pm

    Post your interesting and successful move sets here! also explain them a little bit and show where they might be effective in some teams! The changes do not have to be large, just things you find useful! Here are some of mine.


    Raikou @ leftovers
    252 HP / x Speed / x Spa

    First off I want to explain how to EV roarkou. You will always ave 252hp, but then you need to determine what it is you want to out speed, and then put the rest in spA. I use this set in both OU and UU on my semi-stall teams, and it works out great. Raikou forces switches very easily since nobody wants to let it setup, and this gives you a chance to simply roar away and rack up secondary damage. Raikou also takes hits surprisingly well, and can rest off the damage.


    Salamence @ Lifeorb
    16 attack / 240 special attack / 252 speed
    -Brick BReak

    Really simple. Force them to switch and sub up, and then kill whatever comes in. I love to run latias alongside this set, because many people will switch into a steel, expecting dracometeor, and once you sub up you have the chance to kill their scizor / jirachi etc as they break the sub. If that was their latias counter aswell, you have pretty much won at that point.

    Frosslass @ Focus Sash
    252 Spa / 252 speed / 4 hp
    -Shadow ball
    -ice shard

    This is my spin on frosslass, and I mainly use it because I hate losing a speed tie against other frosslass, and getting taunted. This lets me shadowball them on their taunt, and then iceshard before the spikes/destiny bond. I also never found icebeam to be very useful against opposing leads, and destiny bond was so predictable that nobody would fall for it.

    Passho Tran!

    Heatran @ Passho Berry
    252 SpAttack / 252 Speed / 4 Attack
    -Earth Power
    -Hidden Power Electric
    -Fire Blast

    Basically when I use this heatran, I use it to take out all the bulky waters, latias, blissey etc that simply love to switch into it. They generally assume it is choice (since there is no leftovers or life orb), or shuca. Generally when I use this heatran I like to run it alongside Infernape, who hates everything that heatran often draws in such as latias, starmie, gyarados, suicune etc. Once heatran kills them however infernape can come out to play... Evil or Very Mad

    Most of these were pretty small changes, but used in the right situations are quite devastating.

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