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    The Ten Commandments of Pokemopolis - Rules and Regulations


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    The Ten Commandments of Pokemopolis - Rules and Regulations Empty The Ten Commandments of Pokemopolis - Rules and Regulations

    Post by Greene1516 on Thu Dec 17, 2009 7:14 pm

    The below rules stand for all sections of the Pokemopolis forums and are exempt under no circumstances:
    (Note that these apply to the chatroom also and both are linked)

    1. Respect other members and do not insult them. If someone insults you report them, it does not give you the right to insult them back.

    2. Though there is a censor on this site, do not swear. Even if you are seen with the asterix' that block swear words, you may be warned.

    3. No SPAM!!! This is crucial. SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, so it is pretty self-explanatory asto what is and isn't exceptible. Note that short posts such as "yea" can also be considered SPAM. Also as with flaming (insultation), just because someone else SPAM's does not give you the right to SPAM, just report them.

    4. Respect your superior and inferiors. Firstly, the mods are the peace-keepers of this place, attacking them for doing their job will not be tolerated. If you are out of line you will be checked. Trust me when I assure you that all mods that are appointed will be right for the job and will be just and unbiased, however, if you genuinely feel that a mod has wronged you, you PM an admin with the facts and proof and they will deal with it. Do not PM the mod screaming at them. Note that if you get warned or a thread locked with no apparent reason it is acceptable to ask the mod in question why it happened in a civil manner, but once only.
    This rule also applies to mods and admins, just because regular members are lower on the forum hierarchy does not also make them lower on the food chain. We are all friends here so do not abuse your power. The process by which warnings are handed out will be outlined below.

    5. Post legibly. Do not use all caps and make sure grammar is accurate. Silly mistakes do not count so don't fret. Make sure that all posts are clear and concise and have a point.

    6. Post in the right places people. Every forum here has a description box outlining what should be posted there so there is no reason to post elsewhere. Note that laziness is an excuse, not a reason.

    7. Illegal content should not be mentioned. The occasion ROM talk may be allowed but linking or distribution may not be posted here.

    8. Advertising is banned. You may advertise in your signature only, but you may never advertise rival forums.

    9. Needless to say, nudity is strictly forbidden and warrants an immediate ban.

    10. No threadomancy! If a thread is dead well over a month or so, it is not to be revived by anyone other than the author and even then, if they are only doing it to try and keep it alive when it won't work, it will be locked.

    11. The unofficial 11th commandment...have fun!!! Basketball

    Warnings and bans:

    Pokemopolis follows a three strike system for dealing with serial offenders. Three warnings equal a ban. The severeness of the warning may determine whether you get a temporary or a permanant ban. The criteria for warnings is outlined below:

    1. Serial offenses; breaking the same rules over and over. Mods will give you an official warning first to tell you off and if you continue you get a warning.

    2. Breaking rule number 4 merits an automatic warning. Plain and simple.

    3. In extreme cases warnings may be given out at a mods discretion however it is advised that mods are 100% certain that they are doing to right thing in these cases.

    4. In the cases of scamming, SPAMing, hacking, and other serious offense, an immediate ban may be warranted as outlined in the earlier rules.


    If you would like to report a member or thread that you are having a problem with, please PM a mod or admin with a clear and concise messages outlining the problem and every detail. If reporting a thread provide a link.

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