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    RMT Section Rules


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    RMT Section Rules Empty RMT Section Rules

    Post by Greene1516 on Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:01 pm

    Below are the rules for the Pokemopolis "RMT (Rate My Team)" section:

    - All main forum rules apply here.

    - This section is for posting teams or individual sets for critique, I can't stress enough that this section is not for getting people to build sets and teams for you, that's what smogon is for

    - This section is primarily for competitive battling, since in-game requires little to no strategy please do not post in-game teams here

    - Please read the guides in the mechanics section if you are unsure about team building

    - Please post all sets in a format similar or identical to one of the several templates found below:

    Pokemon - Nature @ Item

    Pokemon (Gender) @ Item ** Nickname

    - Be sure to post all information, people can't help you without it and so you are just wasting space

    - Be clear about what you are posting and have clear intentions with the set, don't post things for the sake of it

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